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Email Marketing: New subscribers, now what?

When someone is added to your email list, what’s the best next step?

A. Nothing

B. Email them with your audience

C. They receive a welcome series 

D. Immediately try to sell


I don’t suggest this option.


The person signed up to hear from you. They felt you had value to share, and want to make a connection or learn more.


If you don’t communicate with them, they will lose interest. If you decide to email them in the future, they may unsubscribe.


When you show up at someone’s home unannounced… 


how would they feel? 


They may not be as inviting. 


However, if you announce you’re on your way to someone (even for a surprise one person is aware) they are ready and warmly welcome you. 

Email them with your audience

You can do this, but I suggest you wait a bit. 




They are new to your list. Having them jump right in the middle of XYZ could be a little confusing. 


This can cause questions, but they may not feel comfortable reaching out to you yet, as they are new.


Think about someone coming to your home while you’re in the middle of a game and you throw them in to play. This can be a bit overwhelming if they don’t know the game or are unsure of what took place beforehand.

This is the best option. 


You explain your intentions and allow your audience to learn who you are. 


This also gives them a chance to unsubscribe if you’re not for them. You only want those who truly want to hear from you. 


This series tends to be 3 or more emails. Occasionally, one is enough, but this really depends on how you structure your business. 


Just think if you’re hosting a party. 


You warmly welcome your guests.

Bring out the food.

Explain the rules for the games.

Lastly, the winner receives a prize. 


It’s a process!


For email marketing, this is your time to nurture, keep interest, and offer value.


Then, you make an offer about your product or service. 

Those who are ready are excited and tend to move forward with your offer.

Immediately try to sell

Not the best option. 


If this is the first thing you do when you receive a new subscriber, you can lose your readers interest quickly.




They may see you as salesy and think that’s all you focus on.


It’s best to show them what you’re about, even if it’s one email.


Nurturing helps you seal the deal.


Face it, we all know your goal is to sell. If you rush and your audience doesn’t have a clear understanding, they may unsubscribe.

Final thoughts…

Understand, each business and circumstance is different. It may be best to integrate your new subscriber with your email list for XYZ reasons. 


It may work for you to sell as soon as someone subscribes because they are a warm or HOT lead at this point.


Just remember, doing nothing can make you become forgotten and you DON’T want that!


When you do have an audience, even if it is small, be consistent. At least monthly offer value so they remember you as the expert or go to for XYZ.

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Grab your FREE email marketing checklist here so you can write your emails with confidence today.


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6 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Email Marketing Right Away

Have you joined an email list and questioned why you’re there?


Here’s the problem. The writer may be missing simple components that help build a relationship with you. 


Check out this email sample email…



Hey all,

I know I’ve been absent for months, but I was busy writing my book “How to Increase your subscribers”. I wrote it for business owners and it’s now on sale. I thought you would love to get it at this low price. Don’t miss out on this flash sale. 




The above example needs an emergency makeover!


That email is:

  • Not client or customer focused
  • Focused on the feature
  • Not personalized
  • Out of the blue
  • Salesy
  • Not easily scannable 


What can be done?

1. Use "you' statements

This focuses on the clients instead of yourself. If you have more “I” statements, reevaluate your text to see how you can incorporate more “you” statements instead. As long as your message’s overall focus is the viewer, you will create a better opportunity to solve their problem.


i.e. There have been many requests for me to explain my special technique on “How to Increase your subscribers”. Your request has been heard! During my absence, I was creating a book to help you solve this problem and answer your questions.

2. Focus on the benefit

Most likely your audience is on your list because they see you as a possible solution to their problem. Show the reader what they get out of purchasing from you. In this case it is the book.


i.e. This book will teach you how to grow your email list with minimal effort. 

3. Use the reader's name

This will help build a relationship between you and the reader. When they subscribe, get at least the first name of your so you’re not producing a generic email for all readers. Tailor their experience.


i.e. Hey Kimmie…


4. Email your list consistently

If you have a sabbatical from email marketing, it’s best to reintroduce yourself to your list. This will help your subscribers reconnect with you and save you from receiving mass unsubscribers.


i.e. Aim for a minimum of monthly contact or more.

5. Don't be salesy

The author was focused on making the sale instead of explaining how they can help a potential purchaser grow their list.


i.e. Explain why it could be a good fit for someone to purchase.

6. Create easily scannable text

As a former sign language interpreter, one thing I learned was that your eyes are a muscle. They can become tired and strained from long periods of use. Therefore, reading long blocks of text causes more strain on the eyes than reading text that is shorter and more digestible to take in.

i.e. Glance over this blog text. You will notice I don’t write a true paragraph with each break.

Here is another version of the email using the components recently mentioned.


Hey Dee,


There have been many requests for me to explain my special technique on “How to Increase your subscribers”. 


Your request has been heard! During my absence, I was creating a book to help you solve this problem and answer your questions.


This book is specifically for YouTube creators. 


The book “How to Increase your subscribers” will dive into creating irresistible content that will cause your viewer to want more. Their desire for more encourages them to want to subscribe so they never miss your latest upload. 


In the next few weeks, you will be able to purchase it at a special rate for being a part of my community.


I’m excited to introduce it to you soon. So keep an eye out in your inbox for more info.


Talk soon!



Final thoughts…

These are just a few mishaps that can cause your list to lose interest in your brand. 


Implementing these new learned skills into your copy can lead to reader retention and boosted sales.


This and more is what I implement when I write copy for clients. 


Until then, how do you prevent your emails from being salesy? Let me know your thoughts.



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