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You as the CEO, founder, or owner wearing many hats...

*Are you frustrated because you haven't reached your revenue goal?

*Are you tired of struggling to begin your writing projects?

*Are you burned out from doing it all in your business?

It’s time for you to delegate your tasks so you can focus on your title-specific work!

Solutions you receive from AlefTav Virtual Services®

You want to increase your revenue

We help you resonate with the reader that needs your support. They connect with your words and become your consumers.

You want fresh ideas

Through your deep dive session, we help you expand what's already there from a different point of view. This may develop another stream of income you didn't know existed within your company.

You want to delegate

Gain more time and improve productivity. Maybe you struggle with grammar or want to enhance your message. That's what AlefTav Virtual Services® is for.

You want a brand guide

We help you flush out your brand's voice and tone to create a coherent experience for your reader.

You want a lead magnet

See the gem you are as we create one to boost interest in your business.

Kim was very patient and thoughtful throughout the entire process. I would love to work with her again. I felt the process was smooth. I [also] felt like AVS was very detail-oriented and asked the necessary questions to make sure it was similar to the brand voice and wording. AVS was able to deliver the copy needed with very small revisions. I love the questionnaire that you had, it was thorough.
-Jasmine M.
Founder of Va Task Help

When you collaborate with AlefTav Virtual Services®, you have a skilled professional assisting you!

Copywriting is needed to run your business if you want your audience to convert.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Kimberly “Kimmie” Green, Founder and Co-owner of AlefTav Virtual Services®. 

As a sign language interpreter, I learned extensive research, focus, and collaboration to produce effective communication. I now use those skills to create alluring tailored copy for your reader to take action.

I want to help you showcase what YOU DO because I like to serve others. 

My “Curious Clicker to Client™” Method took my client from unresponsive email clickers to 5 enthusiastic inquirers overnight. 

From our long-term relationship, my client increased their open rate by 15%. As well as automate cleansing cold subscribers.

I have been featured in Authority Magazine and have had successful collaborations with other creators.

AlefTav Virtual Services® is not for you if…

❌ You want cookie-cutter copy

❌ You don’t want a professional

❌ You want gimmicks

The intake process was very smooth. Kimmie let me know upfront what to expect and laid the terms out. The personal touches were really nice. Kimmie went above and beyond to meet my needs. I look forward to working with AVS again.
-Jocelyn A.
Founder of AJAO Creative

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