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✅ Ask us

Your business is unique and not treated as a one-size-fits-all. We customize your proposal.

✅ Copywriting

We help you create copy that is clear, concise, and customer focused.

✅ Content Writing

We help you create content to inform or entertain your audience.

✅ Virtual Assistance

Complete your day-to-day tasks and copy projects.

✅ VIP Copy Consultation

This is perfect to help you gain clarity, focus on what's a priority and experience what it would feel like to work together before committing to a longer project. If needed, you will receive a recap video with a goals booklet to help you plan your next steps.

✅ VIP Day

Receive 6 hours of exclusive time dedicated to supporting you. During your time, we have a Zoom chat in the AM and PM. We also communicate through Telegram or email. It’s a day of support for a project of your choice.


We DO NOT count hours! 

We believe you should know your monthly payment or total to complete your project, instead of hoping we don't go past X amount of hours. We create a tailored proposal for your business according to its needs. We do offer payment plans.

Looking for something else?

Visit the AVS Shop!

Kimberly is a wonderful team player! She has a caring attitude, a strong work ethic, and is always very professional. For any task she is asked to do, she is dedicated and finishes on time. Kimberly is always reliable and goal-oriented.
-Sara R.