What does AlefTav (את) mean?

Alef (א) is the first letter in the Hebrew alef-bet (alphabet) and Tav (ת) is the last. Essentially, it means A-Z or Beginning to End Virtual Services. 


Empower your business with copy to increase your consumers while you focus on your most precious dreams.

Core Values

Transparency– maintaining clarity so you have no surprises.

Respect – having consideration of your input for you to receive the outcome desired.

Integrity– being honest and having ethics while giving you value.

Education– researching and staying abreast of best practices and tactics in the industry.

Revenue– aim to increase your ROI so we can both do what we love while paying our bills. 

Founder of AlefTav Virtual Services™️

Kimberly "Kimmie" Green

It’s late 2020, I’m pregnant with baby #4 and driving a school bus. My oldest is to start homeschooling in about a year and I’m not sure how I can pull it off, drive, and accomplish all of my wifely duties… 


Shalom! Nice to meet you. My passion is to help others. Through my husband’s encouragement to produce content, I embark on a journey and find copywriting. 


Back to the story…


However, there are options to work from home now. I stumble upon a VA course and enroll. There’s copywriter training available; I take the class and fall in love with it. 


I deep dive into learning, practice, become professional, and here we are now! 


Although I specialize in copywriting, you may receive light virtual assistance and content marketing strategies with your project. 


Your business is a gem. So when you decide to collaborate, I don’t produce copy to mimic your neighboring businesses. Yes, theirs may seem flattering, but you receive your own style and format to help your business thrive among the competition.


What marketing path is natural to you?


I provide you with options to support you with marketing so it doesn’t seem tedious, but flows with your natural energy and personality.


Lastly, for you to have a spectacular experience with AVS, I aim to meet your business goal with enthusiasm.


I look forward to learning more about you and your project!


Who is Kimmie?

Homeschooling mompreneur

I'm a homeschooling mama of 4 and co-own a self-publishing company with my husband. From my experience, I've learned the importance of time management.

Former American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter

I taught early learners ASL, am a former church and educational interpreter for a combination of over 10 years. From my experience, I've learned the importance of effective communication.

Former truck driver

I drove 18 wheelers for 3 years with my husband and saw 46 states. Yes, I really was behind the wheel till 8 months pregnant with baby #1 : ) From my experience, I've learned the importance of deadlines.

I can't wait to learn how AVS may support you with your project! 

When Kim gets started on something, she makes sure it gets done.
-Devan Green